How can you add comments to an Excel table?

I’ve seen others add comments, insert notes into Excel spreadsheets – like post-it or sticky notes. How can I do the same? Can it be printed?

Answer: right-click on the cell and click Insert Comment.

Add comments to your file

You can add comments using the right mouse button or use Shift F2 shortcut. First, they look spectacular, take my advice, rather avoid using the comments. Instead, put the text into a separate cell – make a Comment column – and you can easily filter or sort these information.

If there is a comment in a cell, it is indicated by a small red triangle in the upper left corner of the cell. Your text will be read when you move your mouse over the cell.

You can rename or delete the comment by right-clicking the cell and click Edit Comment or Delete Comment.

Show all comments

If you want to see all the comments at once, click the Review tab, and select ‘Show all comments’ in the Comments group, and

Use the Previous / Next buttons to scroll through the comments in the table one by one.

Print comments

You can also print comments as they appear (or not appear) on the sheet, or at the end of the page listing which comment is in which cell.

  1. Display comments as you want to print them:
    • right-click the cell containing the comment, and then click Show/Hide Comments
    • display all comments (Review tab/Show All Comments)
    • you can move or resize comments by clicking the border of the comment box
  2. Open the Page Setup dialog box (from the Print Preview – Ctrl P – or the Page Layout tab) and click the Sheet tab.

In the Comments box, select As displayed on sheet or At end of sheet.

More Excel secrets

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