Shocking facts about general Excel usage

The numbers presented below come for our personal experience gathered during teaching over 1.000 private students, over a 100 situation assessments carried out at companies and during personal interviews.

  • 75% of computer and Excel users are adamant on using the mouse, because they think “it’s not slower” – even though on average 15 (!) workdays are wasted every year due to unnecessary mouse usage. More than 50% of people even use the mouse for copy-pasting.
  • Those unfamiliar with Excel’s pivot table function can spend an average 1.5 hours generating a single report, even though by using the program it would only take 2-10 minutes, depending on the complexity of the task.
  • Merging two simple (about 50 lines) databases manually can take several hours, while using the appropriate functions this only takes a few minutes.
  • There are secretaries who spend 6 hours a month editing the attendance sheets, even though an automated version (which is a one-time one-hour job) can be updated in five minutes every month.
  • Employees spend an average 3 hours every week looking for solutions that already exist as an Excel function.
  • Employees proficient in the use of Excel (usually with higher salaries) spend over a workday every month answering questions from their co-workers.

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