Undo or Redo an action in Excel

Undo or Redo an action in Excel

To undo an action press Ctrl+Z. You can remember it from the German word: Zurück.

Fortunately, this shortcut is universal, so you can use it in other programs as well. For example, Word, internet or Gmail.

I beleive in shortcuts, but if you prefer your mouse, click Undo on the Quick Access Toolbar. I keep the Quick Access Toolbar for other icons.

There are some commands, that you can’t undo. For example Save, or insert or delete a sheet.

Undo multiple actions

You can undo several actions at the same time:

  • press Undo (Ctrl+Z) repeatedly, or
  • click the arrow next to Undo icon and select and click in the list.

Redo or repeat an action

To redo something you’ve undone, press Ctrl+Y. Or you can click with the mouse on the Redo icon on the Quick Access toolbar.

You can also use F4. (If it doesn’t work, press Fn + F4).

You can also use Ctrl+Y or F4 to repeat the last action. For example insert rows or coloring cells.

If you want more help, don’t hesitate to try the private Excel course via Skype. We will help you know Excel better and use it in a more effective way. You will be very grateful for the time you can save.

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