How Skype calls start

Fortunately, the quality of internet connection is getting better today, so learning on Skype (or Teams) is just as effective as if I were sitting right next to you in person.

  • You are the only person in the course and we can keep your pace and rhythm.
  • There are even some additional benefits:
  • You can be anywhere in the country/ world, there is no geographical limit to your learning.
  • You can sit in your armchair at home or be in your office – it does not matter.
  • You are using your own computer.
  • There is no time wasted on travelling.
  • Skype can record the lesson, so you can look it back later.

Try it:

Undo or Redo an action in Excel

Undo or Redo an action in Excel

To undo an action press Ctrl+Z. You can remember it from the German word: Zurück.

Fortunately, this shortcut is universal, so you can use it in other programs as well. For example, Word, internet or Gmail.

I beleive in shortcuts, but if you prefer your mouse, click Undo on the Quick Access Toolbar. I keep the Quick Access Toolbar for other icons.

“Undo or Redo an action in Excel” bővebben

What you keep tracking starts to improve

Some people – even serious managers – say, it’s not important to keep tracking because they ‘know’ or ‘feel’ the numbers.

“I feel like my company is doing well.”
“I don’t record my costs because I can keep track of it in my head.”
“During the holidays I surely gained 3 kilos.”

You may know … 

I believe in facts!

“What you keep tracking starts to improve” bővebben

1. Let’s start the click-killing! Use the navigation arrows!

If you just click with the mouse once per minute, that’s 480 times are a business day! If you click every second, it’s 28,800 clicks a day.

We – who works 8 hours a day with computer – are somewhere on this scale.

Mostly we click because we want to see the mouse at a given point and it’s easier to point out. (Surprisingly, this is the reason why the mouse was developed). “1. Let’s start the click-killing! Use the navigation arrows!” bővebben

Shortcut challenge: Speed up your work

Speed ​​up your work, take part in the Excel Shortcut Challenge, learn 1 shortcut each day for 30 days!

With this small effort, you can save hours and days on a long term: I believe, that you can save minimum 20-30 minutes a day!

Shortcut challenge can save you minimum 20-30 minutes a day!This is 10-15 workday a year!

This can be your second holiday. For this, it is worth to let off the mouse! “Shortcut challenge: Speed up your work” bővebben

3 secrets about Excel time management

Excel time management often causes a despair: instead of a date, a number is displayed, e.g. 41615. It depends on the cellformat.

Excel stores dates as a serial number. By default, January 1, 1900 is equivalent to number 1, and for example, 1st January 2013 is 41275, or 22th September 2017 is 43000, and 18th July 2020 will be 44000! “3 secrets about Excel time management” bővebben

7 easy-to-remember Excel shortcuts that can save you hours

Okay, Excel shortcuts are useful, but how do you remember so many letters? It’s best to stick to something. (You are lucky, because you understand English, and it’s easy to remember the words. But I mostly teach Hungarians, so I also have teach them some English as well.)

Here are 7 easy-to-remember Excel shortcuts:

You’ve probably seen poker players risking everything at Excel shortcut to select ALL is Ctrl Abet, saying “All in”. 

You can easily remember the shortcut to select everything (all cells) in an Excel table is Ctrl A (all). “7 easy-to-remember Excel shortcuts that can save you hours” bővebben

How can you add comments to an Excel table?

I’ve seen others add comments, insert notes into Excel spreadsheets – like post-it or sticky notes. How can I do the same? Can it be printed?

Answer: right-click on the cell and click Insert Comment.

Add comments to your file

You can add comments using the right mouse button or use Shift F2 shortcut. First, they look spectacular, take my advice, rather avoid using the comments. Instead, put the text into a separate cell – make a Comment column – and you can easily filter or sort these information.
“How can you add comments to an Excel table?” bővebben

The 3 best FIFA World Cup Excel Templates

Make or get a 2018 FIFA World Cup Excel Template for recording results! Following the matches is a great way to practice Excel! I recommend 3 great Excel templates.

The point is to use Excel and learn from it. Good experiences (like the FIFA World Cup) can change your attitude to Excel, and also help you remember more information (Excel features), since you are emotionally or intellectually tossed. “The 3 best FIFA World Cup Excel Templates” bővebben