What is an Excel Hyperlink, and how to use them?

With an Excel Hyperlink you can link another file or website to your Excel file, so you don’t have to search for it again and again. Or if the Excel file or Word document is too large, you can make a link inside the file, so you can jump from one point to another with a single click.

Excel hyperlink shortcut is Ctrl KIt’s simplier than you think, and it works in Excel, Word, Outlook and even on the Internet (for example, online email or web site editors) and it even has a hotkey! “What is an Excel Hyperlink, and how to use them?” bővebben

Tricky secret to move cells in Excel

Move cells and columns with your mouse

If you want to copy cells or columns to a nearby location, simply select the cells and then hold the mouse over the border. In this case, the 4-way arrow is displayed, which means that you can move the cells. Simply move them with the mouse (drag-and-drop).

move cells easilyIf you also press Ctrl, the arrow changes to +.

If you are moving the range this way, the original cells will be preserved and there will be a copy on the other place, too. “Tricky secret to move cells in Excel” bővebben