About us

Bernadett Kőrös is the founding Excel trainer of ExcelSecretMy name is Bernadett Kőrös, I am an economist in marketing and Excel trainer. I like Excel because it is very beneficial for those who can use it.

I have ten years of experience, I have been in a junior and senior positions as well, therefore I know what is expected in the world of work. I have worked in marketing and the financial sector as well: I managed management softwares for 7 years, so I know the structure and context of company processes.

From 2010 I have been teaching Excel exclusively, and my knowledge has been expanding. I use practical examples and problems, which means that I can transfer really useful knowledge.

Ildikó Pálos is an organisational developer and Excel trainerMy name is Ildikó Pálos, I am an economist in marketing. For ten years I worked in leading positions in various sectors for such multinational companies as Kraft Foods and Elcoteq, so I know exactly what efficiency means.

Currently I work in the field of organisational development and Excel training. In my work as an organisational developer I help company leaders make their workflow processes more efficient, leaving more profit for the company at the end of the year.

What I experienced at all the companies is that the staff waste a lot of time by manually performing tasks that can be done within seconds using the appropriate function in Excel. In one case we reduced the time spent on a task from 1.5 days to half an hour.

There are 4 Excel trainers at ExcelSecret. We primarily teach in Hungarian, and also there are international students regularly, both from local multinational companies and through internet. (Bernadett and Ildikó speak good English, they take these classes.)

We have more than 1,500 private students, plus we’ve helped hundreds of people through our books, consultations, or workshops.

Why should you choose us as your Excel trainer?

  • As only 1 people is present at the lesson, you can be sure that she or he pays attention to the material and have a good chance of acquiring what is taught.
  • The pace of learning and the timetable is entirely customisable according to your needs.
  • We both have several years of corporate experience, and we understand not only Excel, but also how a company works.
  • We are patient and enthusiastic teachers; we love Excel and love seeing how our students come to like the program as well.
  • As there are couple of us teaching Excel providing the same service level, in case of any unexpected situation we can substitute each other effectively. Thus we take guarantee that the course will not be interrupted.

Why Skype is a perfect choice?

Skype Excel training is available as one-on-one tutoring and is just as effective as personal instruction.

We have great experiences with this mode of learning, and our students have enjoyed it, too.

  • you can be anywhere in the country/ world, there is no geographical limit to your learning. You can sit in your armchair at home or be in your office – it does not matter. You are using your own computer.
  • there is no time wasted on travelling
  • it is the method of the 21st century and is cost effective
  • just as effective as if I were sitting right next to you in person
  • you are the only person in the course and we can keep your pace and rhythm
  • we can agree on schedules that fit you the best: you can be an early bird or work late in the evening or even be free only at the weekends: I am available.


“Now I can proudly say that after five Skype lessons I am able to confidently use Excel for everything I need: for example when I had to draw up the multi-annual budget and business plan of a company on my own, I had the necessary knowledge for it (functions, formulas, cell formatting, graphs, etc.).

Learning through Skype was very effective for me, because I didn’t have to travel anywhere (saving me a lot of time and money), instead, I had my lessons in the evening in front of my computer.

Thanks to the screen share function of Skype the communication was just as effective as if I had Ildikó sitting right there next to me.

I can highly recommend this method for others!”