What you keep tracking starts to improve

Some people – even serious managers – say, it’s not important to keep tracking because they ‘know’ or ‘feel’ the numbers.

“I feel like my company is doing well.”
“I don’t record my costs because I can keep track of it in my head.”
“During the holidays I surely gained 3 kilos.”

You may know … 

I believe in facts!

So, I encourage you to create an Excel spreadsheet for important data, metrics, or download an application where you can keep track of the FACTS.

Facts don’t lie

This way, you no longer have to rely on your feelings, but you will know it exactly: if you thought it right, you will get a confirmation, but if you are wrong, you still have time to correct.

There are 3 additional benefits to watching the numbers:

  • it doesn’t take up unnecessary bits in your brain, you can turn this energy into something else,
  • you can compare results in the long run, and you can recognize deeper relationships between the facts,
  • and the best part (as British scientists have proven) is: what you consistently measure starts to IMPROVE! 

Excel is the perfect tool to start tracking

You are lucky, if you already have a tool, which tracks your data. But you can also start to record in an Excel sheet – specially if you have a small business.

Start a little database: 

  • In the columns: write the different aspects, e.g. date, comment, category, amount, currency, payment method, responsible
  • Then start to record your data in the rows. 
  • Use a ‘Table format’! So you can easily filter your data, and you can summarize what is important.
  • Make a calculation or dashboard to see the important facts every day.

Today is the best day: start to MEASURE and ANALYZE what really matters!

If you need help, we can help you on Skype.

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